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Founded in 2017, D.Stanley Catering has become more than a hobby and deep-rooted passion for Owner/CEO Dakota Stanley. Here at D.Stanley Catering, we take pride in providing our clients with fresh, bold and flavorful food. Our commitment to our clients isn’t limited to great food, we also guarantee stellar customer service and exceptional experiences.

Since its founding, D. Stanley Catering has provided catering service for grand openings, anniversary celebrations and demonstration classes. We have also catered personal events like baby showers, birthday parties and engagement celebrations. Our largest client to date is Temple University's Upward Bound program where we provide breakfast and lunch to more than 200 high school students throughout the semester.

About the Owner, Mrs. D. Stanley:

As a child Dakota Stanley, founder of D.Stanley Catering, watched her grandmother cook large dinners for holidays, barbecues and sometimes she sold dinners to people in the neighborhood. Everyone loved her grandmother’s macaroni & cheese, collard greens and potato salad. For the holidays, her grandmother would order “expensive” cheese from a catalog and have it delivered to their house. As a child, she thought that was the most amazing thing ever. When cooking for large events, her grandmother would allow her to help out, she loved pouring the melted cheese onto the macaroni and placing it in the oven. The smell of smoked turkey necks filled the house as she cleaned and chopped collard greens and the potato salad was always mixed with her short stubby hands.

In 2005 when Dakota started dating her husband, she became even more passionate about cooking and trying new dishes. In 2013 she decided to expand her culinary knowledge by attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia. At The Art Institute, she learned from and worked with some of the area's top Chefs.

Dakota also has over 15 years of managerial experience in Customer Service, so she understands the importance of providing every client with a seamless experience.