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Check out our Rebrand for 2019!

Posted by Dakota Stanley on


Rebrand 2019

It was the summer of 2017, I was getting my hair done at Salon C. Kelly (IG @salonc.kelly) when my girlfriend and salon owner Crystal told me she needed catering for her 1 year salon anniversary celebration. There was no way I could tell her no. Doing so would allow me the pleasure of working with and learning from the perfectionist, Tuesdi Kelly (IG @soireeetc). After working on her celebration I yearned to do more! At that moment, D. Stanley Catering was born.

I’ve learned many things while working on my business. However, one thing I deem important is having genuine people surrounding, motivating and believing in you. As I began networking and building my clientele, I learned that a good friend was directing the Stepping Stone Scholars program at Temple University. She hired me to cater all of the events that were held at the beginning and end of each semester. Stepping Stone Scholars became my first large-scale event.

Now, that my business has grown, I realized the need for investors. I contacted a friend and small business accountant, Erica Booth (IG @ericaboothtax). Anyone that knows Erica, knows that she is about her business. The visions she had for my business were bigger than anything I imagined. While we were talking, she gave me the business card of a gentleman by the name of Alonzo Coates, the owner of Kitchen Korners (IG @kitchenkorners). Feeling inspired by the conversation, I called him immediately. Alonzo told me all about his shared kitchen project he was working on. He was very knowledgeable and seemed like a really good person.

In one of the many conversations I had with Alonzo, he told me about how he grew his brand with a Marketing & Branding Company called Babes Invent (@babesinvent). I booked a discovery call and after the call, I immediately knew I wanted to work with Babes Invent. The owner, Ms. Inventor (Yolanda) had ideas that I did not envision. Over the last three months, Ms. Inventor has taught me so much about branding and marketing, and encouraged me to see things from different perspectives. We worked on everything from Instagram to Google Suite.

Babes Invent has taken my request for just a website and created a full rebrand of D.Stanley Catering. My company and I will be better because we crossed paths. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a marketing specialist that has knowledge and years of experience in the branding field. The name of her company is Babes Invent, thank me later!

We at D.Stanley Catering would like to thank all of our clients and our full support system, we couldn’t do it without any of you. We look forward to serving you in 2019 and beyond!

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